Feelings of Fall

The mornings are chilly, the sun sets sooner, and the vineyards are changing color; it is fall.  With fall comes the harvest of fall crops: pumpkins, winter squash, and gourds.


But even with these feelings of fall, tomatoes have not given up their dominance in the field.  So I still, find myself eating lots of tomatoes.  But now my meals are more than just simple tomato sandwiches. I want to make warmer dishes and spend more time in front of the stove.

Tomatoes and garlic roasting
Tomatoes and garlic roasting

I’m turning up the heat and making sauce, soup, and even roasted tomatoes.  Some to eat today and some preserved for eating later.  Currently the pumpkins and winter squash are just decoration on the table but soon they will find their way into pies, risotto, soups, and more; to keep me warm through the winter.

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