The greenhouse is jammed packed with seedlings. The tables and floors are brimming with spring and summer crops.


Last Friday at the Sonoma farmers’ market, seedlings perfect for spring gardens were looking for their forever homes. Customers walked away with arms full of 6-packs featuring cool weather favorites like sugar snap peas, kale, swiss chard, leeks, green onions, lettuce, and mustard greens.


This Friday, I will begin to bring out the summer crops seedlings, for those who can’t wait to get a tomato or basil plant in the ground. This year I’m growing 15 different varieties of tomatoes and 4 different basil varieties.

It’s still too early to transplant tomatoes at Quarter Acre as the field is still filled with cover crop.  Soon I will begin to prep part of the field by mowing and mixing in the cover crop residue. As in years past my plan is to start transplanting tomatoes during the week of April 20th.

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