Historical Women

I’m often asked, who are my women farmer role models.  I can think of awesome women farmers who are currently farming but I start to draw a blank when I try to think of women farmers who blazed the agricultural trail back in the day.

jessie quote
Jessie Lopez De La Cruz 1919-2013

So this past March in honor of Women’s History month I decided that I would post photos of women farmers of yesteryear on Quarter Acre’s facebook page.

mary quote
Mary Treat 1830-1923

I had grand visions of posting a woman a day and finishing the month with 31 historical women farmers.

Elizabeth quote
Elizabeth White 1871-1954

Well this project turned out to be harder than I thought.  A simple google search doesn’t really give you any results.  Instead, searching for lady farmers involved a lot more digging.

Juanita Nelson quote
Juanita Nelson 1923-2015

I found many by searching for the men they were compared to.  For example Theodosia Shepherd who founded the California seed industry is labeled the female Luther Burbank.

theodosia quote
Theodosia B. Shepherd 1845-1906

I also realized that it was hard to track down women farmers because that occupation was not consider something of note.

eva quote
Eva Kenworthy Gray 1863-1951

Many of the women farmers I was able to find were typically listed in the history books for something else and farming was only mentioned as an after thought.

Mary Elizabeth Lease 1850-1933

Such as Alva Belmont  who holds a place in history books because she was a socialite and suffragette. But Alva happen to also be the founder of a training school for female farmers, which I learned from various newspaper articles from the 1900’s.

alva quote
Alva Belmont 1853-1933


I researched as much as could with any free time had in front of the computer but by the end of the month I had only found a total of 12 wonderful women.

maxidiwiac quote
Maxidiwiac aka Buffalo Bird Woman 1839-1932

It is not a very large number but it pique my interest in continuing to learn more about agricultural women of the past.

anna pioneer
Anna Larroucau Laborde de Lucero 1864-1956
igay farmer
Igay Duana 1921-2002
helen nearing quote
Helen Nearing 1904-1995

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