Lots and lots of Seedlings

This past Friday at the farmers market I had tons of tomatoes and bunches of basil, seedlings of course.  I also had dill, string beans, celery, summer squash, and tomatillos. The summer crop seedlings are booming and ready to get out of the greenhouse. But there is still time to plant spring crops like mustard greens and sugar snap peas. With both summer and spring seedlings to bring to the market I could hardly fit everything in my truck. I will be bringing more crop varieties like cucumbers and peppers as the season progresses.

wpid-20150410_084535.jpgTo produce the best organic seedlings for my customers, I grow all of my seedlings in fiber pots which are biodegradable and made of peat moss. These fiber pots help to grow a healthy plant because they allow for aeration, uniform drainage, and unrestricted root growth.

wpid-20150405_120905.jpgAlso transplant shock is greatly reduced because you plant the entire pot when transplanting your seedling. With the heavy clay soil in Sonoma Valley the peat moss adds needed organic matter to the soil as well.

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