Cold Weather

Thanksgiving night the sky was crystal clear, the wind howled and the temperature was near freezing. The wind was so loud and the moonlight so bright that I had to get up and look out the window to make sure everything in my backyard was still there. It feels like it must be too early for these freezing temperatures because in the last few years we have had abnormally warm autumns that lead into balmy winters. But in reality, days that only hit the mid 60s and nights that go below the mid 40s is classic November weather for Sonoma valley.


So far, we have not gotten much precipitation the small cold showers have quickly blown through the valley and headed towards the Sierras to give the mountains much-needed snow fall. Here in Sonoma the majority of rain storms normally occur during December through March. I’m looking forward to wearing rain boots, a raincoat, and maybe if we really get some heavy storms my rain pants.  All in all this late autumn and winter is shaping up to have the typical weather of yesteryear.

1 thought on “Cold Weather

  1. Oh. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I am wishing you a wild and woolly winter. I wish all my Sonoma farming friends a reprieve from the water worries of the past few years. I don’t think my wishes will stop climate change, but I hope they get a softer landing than of late.

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