Waiting on the Popcorn

The popcorn crop is not ready for popping yet, it was all harvested weeks ago but the wait continues. Most years I’m eating bowls of fluffy popcorn by the second week of November. I shouldn’t be surprised as I stare at my empty bowl,  because I planted the popcorn a little later than I planned, the spring is always such a whirlwind.

The cornstalks left behind
The cornstalks left behind

Day after day the popcorn is silently drying, I like to think I’m helping by willing the kernels with all my energy to dry out to that perfect balance of 14% moisture content. Every couple of days I test the popcorn by randomly selecting kernels and trying to pop them on the stove top. The popcorn is getting close to popping and my popcorn obsession continues to increase. As I wait for the kernels to be perfectly dry, I try to distract myself by searching for antique shellers, heirloom seeds, vintage corn collectibles, historical popcorn records; pretty much anything corn related I can get my hands on. I’m not sure when my popcorn obsession started but I just find heirloom popcorn fascinating.

I spent last night reading about popcorn history
Yes, I spent last night reading about popcorn history …


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