Family Help

Recently I have had a lot of family visiting. When these visits were planned way back when, I figured we would spend our days sightseeing and occasionally visiting the farm to do some weeding or greenhouse work. But with the farm in transition this year, more important projects have arisen. My new leased farmland is further away, so I needed to increased storage at my home and build a cap for my truck bed to be able to move plants longer distances safely.


So my little driveway was turned into a wood shop with my dad using his expert craftsman skills to make custom shelves for my garage and a weather proof truck cap, that I’m sure will outlast the life of the truck. The whole family got involved from holding the level, sweeping the floor, to making multiple trips to the hardware store.


As a first generation farmer, I’m often asked how my family feels about me farming, as if a career in agriculture should be considered taboo. Growing up I was taught that one of life’s important goals was to have a career that you were passionate about. My family supports my passion for agriculture and is always there to lend hand when they can.

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