Changing Land

Things have been busy at the farm but not in the normal way of seed starting and greenhouse work that typically dominates February. I have been spending my days looking for land and packing up the farm. Like many first generation farmers long-term land access is a real struggle. I started Quarter Acre Farm back in the spring of 2008 and over the last eight years the farm has been in three, soon to be four different locations. The majority of farmers young and old lease their farmland, with leasing there always comes some level of uncertainty regardless of how detailed the written contract is.

Taking down the greenhouse

Just in the last week I have secured a lease on a beautiful acre of land. But because of the move I’ve had to delay my seed starting, so I won’t be at the farmers market until April with my seedlings. On a brighter note, this new land is a bit bigger than my previous farmland so I’m planning to increase my popcorn planting! Even with the rocky start to 2016 I am really looking forward to this growing season.

3 thoughts on “Changing Land

  1. Will you change the name of the blog? (I didn’t, even though I left Two Rock, two and a half years ago.)

  2. You are such an incredible young woman. Strong, visionary, f.exible and resourceful. I am proud to know you dear one. Nancy

  3. Oh my…moving is never much fun. Be sure to get extra sleep to supercharge yourself! Will be looking forward to your 4/4 Acre posts!

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