Swimming in Tomatoes

Right now my days are filled with harvesting tomatoes. Every visit to the field requires a harvest of two flats of cherry tomatoes, if not 10. The cherry tomatoes have not been irrigated in over 8 weeks, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at these plants, they’re bushy little monsters. The plants not only produce ripe cherry tomatoes non-stop but they continue to branch out and grow taller. They thrive with a bit of stress and sunny weather.

A friend in the tomato rows
A friend in the tomato rows

To help break up the time-consuming work of picking cherries I walk up and down the rows harvesting the heirloom tomatoes. Yes, harvesting different tomatoes feels enough like a different task, that I find the harvest day to go by faster if I switch back and forth between the varieties.


The small and medium heirloom varieties have been ripening for about a month now. I was only finding a random large ripe heirloom here or there. Then last week all of a sudden every plant was covered in large juicy fruits. Yesterday alone, I harvested about 200 pounds of heirlooms and I didn’t even get all of them.

1 thought on “Swimming in Tomatoes

  1. These are so beautiful! I can almost taste them 😃

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