From Dry to Wet

Thursday I arrived at my field at dawn. Even though dawn comes a little later this time of year 7:15 am to be exact, it still feels really early to be out and about. But Thursday was not a day to sleep in or slowly drink my coffee as a scroll through facebook. Thursday was the day before this current rain event, a rain event that is predicted to stretch across many days and drop about 3 inches of rain. I along with all the other farmers I know in the Bay area were hustling to harvest everything they possible could.

California Blackeye 46 Cowpea

For me, my focus was dried beans, the heavy rainfall will soak the sun-dried beans resulting in a mushy moldy mess. I’ve been harvesting the various bean varieties off and on for weeks. But I have rarely spent the amount of time I had planned for the bean harvest as the tomatoes have been demanding my attention all season long. So Thursday I turned a blind eye to the ripe tomatoes hanging on the vine and spent every minute picking beans.


I picked a lot of beans, the yields per plant seem higher this year. Unfortunately I did not get all the beans, I simply ran out of time. It is frustrating but as a farmer you have to remind yourself, you can only do so much.

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