Harvest Days

The mornings are cold and it seems to take a while before the sun finds it way up into the sky. Theres are change in the air, the sun is at an angle, and the days are shorter; autumn is coming.


I’ve been harvesting dried beans and pumpkins, and the winter squash is not far behind. The popcorn has been waiting to be harvested for over a week now. I’ve just been so busy harvesting tomatoes because the days are still hot and the sun is still strong enough to give me a sunburned back.


September is really a bountiful month. Large quantities of summer crops are still rolling in plus the autumn crops are ready.


For a farmer it’s a month of nonstop harvesting, there is not enough hours in the day or even days in the week to get everything harvested. So you do what you can, you prioritize the crops by most perishable, highest seller, or tomorrow’s order. Some things get pushed to the side, ignored during that day’s harvest but these are just some of the cut-throat decisions you have to make as a farmer.

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