Time Change

It is hard to get work done at the farm with these shorter autumn days but as a farmer you have to work with the rhythm of the seasons. The summer, with its long days is chanting you on, to work-work-work, with what seems like endless hours of sunlight. But as we come into November we have just over 10 hours of sunlight each day and the sun doesn’t even show up until 7:30am.

Morning drive to the field
Morning drive to the field

It might still seem like enough time, but now when it’s not raining the field is covered with a thick heavy dew. The field is so wet I have to be dressed as if it is raining, with a raincoat and boots as any fieldwork gets me soaking wet.


So I’m looking forward to the upcoming time change with the clocks falling back an hour which will give my field some time to dry out before I need to get to work. I know some people don’t like the change because of the early evening darkness but as a farmer I’m more productive in the morning. Plus the moving of the clocks doesn’t change the fact that we will still have the same amount of sunlight just at a different time. We are actually moving back to standard time, so now your sundials will be displaying the correct time.

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  1. Oh yeah, my sun dial… what was I thinking?

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