Popcorn and Pumpkins

This past week I finally started harvesting the popcorn. I’ve lost a few cobs to birds and squirrels but there is plenty of popcorn to fill the large burlap bags.

Dakota Black popcorn 3 ways (ideal, eaten by pests, and corn smut)
Dakota Black popcorn 3 ways (ideal, eaten by pests, and corn smut)

So far I’ve harvested 17 bags worth of corn ears to be exact. There is still another 6 or so burlap bags worth of the Pennsylvania Dutch Butter to be harvested.


All of the Dakota Black popcorn is out of the field and now comes the shucking … lots and lots of shucking. After the corn is shucked it will still need to dry a bit more, before it can be shelled and eventually popped. I can’t wait for a freshly popped bowl of heirloom popcorn covered in olive oil, garlic, dill, salt, and my fav nutritional yeast.

I’ve also be harvesting lots of pumpkins orange ones, pink ones, blue ones, green ones, some tiny and some big (but not as large as last year) but all of them are tasty. My farm goal with pumpkins is two-fold; cool looking pumpkins that make awesome decorations and when you’ll tired of looking at them, you can eat them. Turning them into curry, pie, soup, or whatever culinary inspiration comes your way.


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