Seedlings Are Growing Up

I’m still sweating it up in the greenhouse. Potting up thousands of tiny seedlings into fiber pots takes a lot time.

Garden Peach Tomatoes

But it’s so rewarding to see how the seedling quickly gets comfortable in its new home. There’s more space so it stretches out its roots checking out all the nooks and crannies. With more space I have to add more germination mix to fill up the fiber pot and this gives the seedling a little boast, like drinking a green smoothie in the morning. After the seedlings are tucked into their new pot they head outside, to enjoy the sun unfiltered, no more greenhouse plastic standing in their way of absorbing pure UV rays.

Rainbow Lacinato Kale

They also get to experience the fresh windy air. Blowing around in the breeze allows them to develop strength and toughen up for what nature will bring. After a mere week outside of the greenhouse in their new fiber pots, the seedlings are almost double in size, are richer in color and are downright perky.

Various Heirloom Tomatoes

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