Tomato Plants

The tomato seedlings have been enjoying their time in the greenhouse but these tiny tomato plants have grown up and they are ready to be welcomed into their forever home. So at Friday’s farmers’ market I had my full selection of 17 different varieties of heirloom tomato plants for sale. With the likes of Sweetie, Gold Nugget, Cherokee Purple, and Garden Peach; just to name a few.

Some may ask, isn’t it a bit early for transplanting tomatoes? Well, that depends, if you are an experienced tomato grower and determined to have the first ripe tomatoes in the neighborhood, then now is a great time to transplant as long as you protect the plant from frost. Here in Sonoma Valley our last average frost date is April 15th. But if you are a beginning gardener or don’t want to wake up each chilly morning stressed that your tender tomato plant was attacked by frost, then you should wait until tax day, April 18th to transplant tomatoes.

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