Spring at the Farmers’ Market

Seedlings are ready and I have been at the farmers market for two weeks now. I have a wide range of vegetable seedlings available including a few herbs (dill and cilantro) and flowers (borage, marigolds, nasturtiums, and sunflowers). Right now my favorites are the greens; kale and collards and mustard OH MY!

Every seedling is sold in a fiber pot they are made of wood pulp and peat moss, this allows you to plant the entire thing directly in the ground. Not only does this eliminate the need for plastic pots but it also adds some nice organic matter into your soil. The fiber pots provide another benefit, the plant will never be root bound as the roots can easily grow straight through the pot. As the season progresses my seedling offerings will change at the market but I expect to have an assortment of vegetable seedlings until September.


Are you so excited to go to the farmers’ market Saturday morning that you forget to eat breakfast before running out the door?

No worries my husband, Juan Carlos, has you covered. He is whipping up beautiful brunch items right next to me at the Quarter Acre Farm EATS booth. His freshly made egg and cheese tacos or bacon quesadilla will give you the strength you need to finish your market shopping. Most weekends you will also find my Dad by his side, making lemonade to order. In an effort to limit our plastic usage all of the food packaging is fiber-based or compostable, yup that means we have paper straws.

One Egg and Cheese Taco

We have really been enjoying the St. Michaels farmers’ market there is a great selection of vendors who all produce or make everything they sell plus there are awesome customers that show up even in the wind and the rain!

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