Weedin’ Tomatoes

Lately my main task has been weeding the tomatoes. Since my field was previously fallow and mowed regularly for years, the main weed is grass. Or shall I say the main weeds are various grasses, from my hours spent with these weeds, I have identified three or four varieties of grass that are very happy living along side the tomatoes.

grassy tomato row

Most of the tomatoes are taller than the grass but it is still important to remove the weeds as they take nutrients from the soil that I would like the tomatoes to have instead. Also the weeds will limit the air circulation in and around the tomatoes plants. Poor air flow around the tomato plant can encourage many diseases. For this same reason I remove any leaves that are touching the ground, yellow in color, and ones towards the center of the plant. I don’t want to strip the plant of leaves, I just want to be able to see light coming through the plant, kinda like an open hand about to give you a high five 🖐

Last week I was able to get my last planting of tomatoes in the ground. I do more than one planting of tomatoes to allow me to have tomatoes late into the season. The earlier plantings of tomatoes are slowly starting to ripen. I don’t have enough to sell at the market but more will be on the way soon. The few pounds that I’m harvesting are going to Quarter Acre Farm EATS for the fresh pico de gallo that goes on top of all the tacos and quesadillas sold at the St. Michaels farmers’ market.

taco and quesadilla

1 thought on “Weedin’ Tomatoes

  1. Good to see your tomatoes coming in. Here in Sonoma, the 2 day 100+ degree temps really shot mine into growth mode. Thanks for the reminder to get air space in the plants. I was planning to put in 4 this year. Due to gifts and volunteers from last season we now have 12!

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