Bustling at the Farm & the Market

The farm and the greenhouse are bustling! This is the time of year where we are constantly shuffling trays of plants around. From starting more seeds to potting up teeny weeny transplants into larger containers to moving the trays out to the field for planting or into the van to go to market.

Right now we have a wide selection of spring and summer seedlings. Debuting this week are beans, sweet and hot peppers, and a few new varieties of tomatoes like Barnes Mountain Orange.

If we are out of your favorites, check back in a week or so and we may have them in stock. For many crops like basil, sunflowers, greens, etc we do multiple plantings and will have more ready for you soon.

Big thanks to everyone that came out this past Saturday, we had our busiest market of the 2023 season so far!

We love being a vendor at the farmers’ market and we prepare all week for Saturday, so no matter the weather we will always be at the market. During the market season we want to be a reliable source for you with all our tasty treats like guacamole or tacos so no matter what the forecast says for Saturdays you can know that our booth will be set up and we will be waiting for you to swing by to get what you need.

This week the special will be Scrapple & Egg Taco. Our crispy scrapple will be topped with a perfectly scrambled egg. This will be served on a warm corn tortilla and garnished with our pico de gallo. As always we have our pico de gallo available in take home containers which come in 3 different sizes: half pint, pint, and quart. We hope to see you soon!

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