The Farm Gets Its Very Own Website

When I started Quarter Acre Farm back in the spring of 2008, it was a rush to get everything ready for that first season.  The focus was just about getting seeds in the ground and growing vegetables.  I did very little advertising or branding (except for deciding what to name the farm); I needed to spend all my energy growing and nurturing those first crops.  The vegetables that year were exclusively sold to local restaurants. As many farmers will tell you, I learned a lot my first season about growing, business, and myself.  One thing I knew for sure I loved my little farm, and I was going to continue to slowly grow adding just what the business needed at the time.

In 2009 I decided to make the farm a little more public.  I made signs and headed down to the Friday morning farmers’ market in Sonoma, only a 2 mile drive down the road.

The farm got its own Facebook page in 2010 giving it a much bigger web presence then it had before. At the request of many of my friends and customers I began teaching gardening classes in Sonoma Valley.  With the farm gaining certified organic status it was time for a real logo! I worked with a wonderful designer from The Solid Art Collective who came up with my carrots logo.


In 2011 the farm saw land growth, making the farm a total of 0.75 acre. Which allowed for vegetable and crop rotations to increase.

By 2012 it felt like the right time to add a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) option for our customers.  Having a CSA was something I had always wanted to do with the farm but they require very detailed planning and a solid forecast of the coming season. This knowledge only comes with time spent with your farm land season to season.

So now in 2013 it is time for the farm to have its very own website.  This site includes information on our CSA, farmers’ market booth, gardening classes, radio show, and more.  Check back often for updates!

3 thoughts on “The Farm Gets Its Very Own Website

  1. Congratulations, keep going, you’re doing a beautiful thing!

  2. Awesome website, awesome farm, awesome woman!

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