Back to the Market

Today I returned to the farmers’ market.  It was a lovely sunny day with new and old customers coming to my booth to check out my organic bounty.  I had freshly dug green garlic by the bunch.  This is one of my favorite things to eat in the spring.  You can cook, with it like you do garlic cloves or you can use it like a leek or green onions; think potato green garlic soup or whole grilled green garlic tossed with olive oil and salt.


But the main thing that filled my truck was green seedlings.  I had arugula, swiss chard, green onions, lettuce, sugar snap peas, leeks, kale, dill, and mustard greens; all set in 6 packs ready to find their forever home.


Today was also the roll out of Quarter Acre’s Fill Your Garden loyalty program. This involves loyalty punch cards, for every $6 worth of seedlings you purchase, you get a hole punch. After you get 20 hole punches, you will get a free seedling 6-pack of your choice.


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