Sunlight and Warm Temps

Things are starting to pick up at the farm.  The cover crop is getting pretty tall and some is even beginning to flower.


The garlic is sizing up and I will start harvesting green garlic next week.  With more daylight and warm temperatures everything is coming out of dormancy and really starting to grow again. This includes the insect and animal kingdom too.


The honey bees have been very active, rushing from every blossom they can find then back to the hive, and back out again for more pollen.  The quail are venturing from their home under the blackberry bushes and marching single file through the field. The ground squirrels are leaving their burrow and climbing up the large oak tree to survey the land. There is even a robin squeezing through a small gap in the greenhouse door to eat my seeds.

I added bird netting to the doorway
I added bird netting to the doorway to deal with the sneaky robin

Right now the greenhouse is full of seedling trays.  I am still waiting for most of them to sprout. But the kale, chard, mustard greens, leeks, green onions, arugula and sugar snap pea seedlings are ready to hit the garden. So next Friday, March 13th I will be back at the Sonoma Valley farmers’ market selling certified organic seedlings and green garlic.

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