Greenhouse Time

Last week I was finally able to spend long hours in the greenhouse starting seeds. I still have a bit more seeding to do before I’m officially caught up but I can feel my stress melting away with each seed I place in the germination mix.  Moving the farm to different land has put me about a month behind in my crop plan.


Greenhouse work has a certain rhythm to it. Scooping germination mix into the seedling trays, scraping the excess mix off to make the tray level, finding the right seed packet, placing a tiny little seed in each cell, covering with a layer of vermiculite, labeling the tray, placing it on the shelf, and gently watering it. Then you repeat all these steps for each seedling tray.


I go through about a 100 trays each spring and each of my trays contain 72 cells, so that’s about 7,200 little baby transplants to raise and nurture in the greenhouse.

Tiny mustard seedlings
Tiny mustard seedlings

1 thought on “Greenhouse Time

  1. I’m jealous. We don’t dare start germinating seeds until after the first of April. Our years in Sonoma left an imprint that doesn’t apply here in Michigan. Nice work.

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