Field Work

This past week I spent some time out in my new field. Even though I’ve been working on farms for about 15 years there is always a learning curve when it comes to working a new piece of land. You have to adjust your growing style to different soil, different wind, and an overall different climate.


My new leased acre is over in Solano county where there is an irrigation district and water is piped out of a canal system. I’ve been irrigating out of well for the last 8 years so the canal system is totally new to me. Luckily I have awesome friends that farm a few miles away at Shooting Star CSA. They took time out of their busy day to set up a big water filter for me and explain the particulars of using canal water.

Matt of Shooting Star CSA connecting the water filter.
Matt of Shooting Star CSA connecting the water filter.

I’m very eager to work this new bigger piece of land but I’m making sure to take my time and slow down.  I know how important it is to think through everything and make smart calculations, for what the land needs. I’m sure I will make mistakes, I’m just doing my best to limit my challenges.

1 mowed acre

2 thoughts on “Field Work

  1. Patricia Robinson March 28, 2016 — 1:09 pm

    Best wishes with your new land!

  2. You’ll be fine in that beautiful stretch of land. Best wishes!

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