Tomatoes are in the Ground

The tomatoes are planted, all one thousand seven hundred feet of them.  In the greenhouse, the tomato seedlings a quite big, filling up their trays and reaching for the sky. But once you’re out in the field the seedlings seem so small and tender. I laid out the irrigation and turned on the water so I could plant exactly to the drip tape spacing.


As I was transplanting these wee little tomatoes, I worried that maybe they were too small to survive in the wide open world. But I eased my fears, by remembering that it’s like this every year, and the tomatoes will grow big and strong. The next day I couldn’t wait to come out to the field to see that the tomatoes are all still there, which of course they were. I walk up and down the rows examining the tomatoes, I’m thrilled to see how well they are growing and how much they are enjoying being out of the greenhouse and out in the nature world.  Almost every single tomato had a ladybug pupa on its leaves!

This one is covered with 3 ladybug pupa (orange) and 2 larvae (black critter with legs)
This one is covered with 3 ladybug pupa (orange) and 2 larvae (black critter with legs)

I’m still planning to do a small second planting a little later, say about 400 feet or so, just to make sure I have a long and bountiful tomato season.

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