Spring Greens

Things are heating up in the greenhouse. With the return of the sun, seedlings have been growing much faster than the previous grey rainy weeks. I have been busy potting up 6-packs full of lush spring crops that are begging to go outside into your home garden.

With all the rain some garden beds are still soaked making the soil too wet to work. To get some seedlings in the ground quickly remove any weeds or old plants from your garden beds, then put a thick 6-inch layer of compost on top of the existing soil and plant directly into that. The plants will get established in no time.

After enjoying this beautifully wet winter, I loaded up the truck on Friday and headed back to the farmers market. Since now is a great time to get your spring garden started I had lots of different leafy green seedlings for sale. Crops like collards, chard, and cress really enjoy these sunny but sometimes chilly and cloudy March days.

2 thoughts on “Spring Greens

  1. Love your newsletter! I like those wooden tags. Will you tell me where you get them? I hope to meet you this season and buy some plants from you. Thanks

    1. They are actually tongue depressors

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