I Guess it is Fall

For me it seems like fall got here too quickly. Maybe it is because our main focus at the farm is tomatoes, the jewels of the summer. We love to extend our summer crops as long as possible in the field by doing multiple plantings. We are still harvesting a good amount of tomatoes, particularly the delicious cherry tomatoes. We started to harvest the last planting of tomatoes about two or three weeks ago.

cherry tomatoes
This year we grew a dozen different varieties of cherry tomatoes

Our sweet peppers are in their prime right now. Peppers are a slow growing summer crop that really doesn’t mature until the fall. We are picking pounds and pounds of pretty peppers right now. We grow a mix of sweet peppers ranging in color from green, yellow, red, to purple. We have different varieties out in the field from bell types to Italian frying peppers.

organic peppers

Our tomatillo plants are still producing but they have slowed down a bit so our harvest is not as bountiful as during the hot summer months. But we have enough tomatillos make a few batches of our tomatillo salsa and still offer our tomatillos by the basket at the farmers’ market.

tomatillo plant

We expect to continue to harvest tomatoes, peppers, and tomatillos until the end of October … maybe longer depending on the weather and whenever the frost shows up.

But it is the fall season so we have been getting some fall tasks done like ordering our seed garlic, cleaning dried gourds to get them ready for customers, and prepping to harvest sweet potatoes (we hope to start picking at the end of the week). The chilly rainy fall weather has also indirectly given us time to get some much needed spreadsheet work done too. Computer work with a side of hot tea looks extremely inviting compared to working out in the field with the wind and rain.

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