Stay Cozy

The slow season has slowly been creepy towards us. As I write this, out my window is a rainy gray day, which is fine because all of my outside work can wait. There is nothing pressing that requires me to be out in the weather. There is plenty of paperwork waiting for me on my desk to get done: receipts to record in Quickbooks, bank deposits to prepare, tax deductions to make note of, papers to file away, etc etc. But sitting by my warm wood stove seems like the most important place to be today.

rainy day at Quarter Acre Farm

The field is enjoying this rainy day as we planted our garlic in the beginning of November, it is busy slowly putting down roots and could use a big drink. This year we planted a nice mix of heirloom varieties including Northern White, Metechi, German Extra Hardy, Georgian Crystal, and Chesnok Red. So from my dry and cozy house I look out to the field squinting my eyes to see if my garlic is happy in their home …. yeah they look like they are doing good.

Easton farmers market

We are not completely done with the market season, we still have two farmers markets left before we can totally go into winter break mode. We have been whipping up tasty tacos and quesadillas all season long and on chilly Saturday December mornings warm breakfast tacos are the perfect way to start your day. We also have plenty of comforting sweet potatoes both purple and orange available by the pound for all your favorite holiday recipes. We love using a mix of the colorful sweet potatoes in our veggie tacos.

sweet potatoes

We hope you are enjoying the changing weather and we hope to see you at the market during this wonderful holiday season.

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