Winter Break

We have been slowing down and relaxing since our last farmers market, way back on December 17th. We are currently on our winter break, a time when we are not selling anything, not harvesting, or making anything in the kitchen. It allows us the sweet opportunity to sleep in on the weekends, spend lazy days with family and friends, do some traveling, and whatever else our hearts desire.

Last 2022 farmers market
photo credit: Tom McCall

One of the many reasons I love farming is the ebb and flow of the seasons. The winter with its short days and cold nights encourages you to stay inside by a cozy fire. For the first time in my adult life I am living in a house with a fireplace and it makes winters even sweeter than they normally are.

Our farmhouse

This past December 28th marked a year since we got the keys to our beautiful farm property that we now call home. Our old farmhouse is at the edge of the woods so it makes perfect sense to heat it with wood and that radiant heat from the fireplace evokes dreams of hot summer days in the field.

January is also the time for farmers to plan and dream about the next growing season. So I’m flipping through seed catalogs, looking at our records from 2022, and brainstorming what our 2023 season will look like. Later this month I will dive into my spreadsheets and make a crop plan with a seed order and planting schedule. But right now it is just the time to gather ideas and explore options.

garlic patch

The unexpected warm spell we have recently been having, sure doesn’t feel like winter. On January 1st, I was walking through our garlic patch in a t-shirt! This may just be a false spring but it inspired me with what I wish for folk this year. I hope your 2023 is just like my walk through the garlic patch; warm, sunny, and filled with potential.

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