Autumn Days

The morning light starts a little later and the evening sunset shows up earlier everyday. The air is crisp and clear, autumn is here. The crops all know that summer is over. The tomato plants are still producing but the fruit is smaller and less abundant. The tomatillos have all but given up, after months of steady production most plants have called it a day turning brown and becoming part of the compost cycle.


The tall cornstalks are still green but the popcorn has reached maturity and the corn husks are golden brown ready to be harvested by the bushel. The pumpkins are beaming orange trying to get noticed from under the big green leaves.

Perfectly named pumpkin variety, Cinderella.
Perfectly named pumpkin variety, Cinderella.

The gourds vines have wilted to reveal crazy shaped gourds dressed in bright colors ready to get out of the field and find their way to someone’s home decor.  As I harvest I find myself getting distracted by the autumn skies that are filled with big puffy clouds or watching as the strong breezes pull the leaves off the trees.


 As a farmer I look forward to a change in the seasons, it keeps things interesting.

1 thought on “Autumn Days

  1. You’re making me miss Two Rock. Autumn is well underway here in Michigan.

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