Harvest is Slowing Down

There is not much left in the field. The winter squash has all been harvested. It was a small yield this year because the ground squirrels found out how sweet and tasty butternut squash and all his friends are. They even enjoyed eating the tender winter squash vines. The pumpkins on the other hand were mainly left alone except for a bite mark scar here and there. But there is only a couple dozen green pumpkins left waiting to ripen in the field.


I still have about 30 feet worth of gourds and a few rows of popcorn left to harvest. The dried beans were all harvested and sold by the beginning of October. And a few weeks back the tomatillos had enough of my dry farming efforts and joined the compost cycle. The heirloom and cherries tomatoes are still growing and ripening, they have just really slowed down in production. When once I could fill a 10 pound box off of one tomato plant, now it could take half a row.

Tomato rows
Tomato rows

Last week I went and stocked up on cover crop seed and this week my garlic seed arrived in the mail. Within the next month I’ll begin to prepare the field for its winter sleep.

1 thought on “Harvest is Slowing Down

  1. Ah, you bring back memories of Sonoma gardening….

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