The Spirit of Autumn

I spent the week picking pumpkins, cornstalks, and gourds for both the farmers market and my house. My jack-o-lantern is carved and hanging out on my porch awaiting Halloween visitors.


One of the many things I love about autumn is the continued tradition of decorating with crops. During these modern days we are so often, removed from nature and encouraged to embrace state-of-the-art sleek things. So it warms my heart to see people excited and passionate about displaying bumpy rustic biodegradable treasures.


As a farmer I am constantly surrounded by vegetables and I see each crop as beautiful and intricate. But few crops receive so much excitement across the generations, as pumpkins do. At the market people can’t wait to pick out their perfect pumpkin. Finding the size that they want, then they examine the skin finding the right color and texture. They look for an expressive stem. Lastly they pick up the pumpkin to see if it feels just right. Then with a beaming smile they proclaim I will take this one!

Musquée de Provence pumpkins
Musquée de Provence pumpkins

Some days I feel like I am helping customers to adopt a family pet as they tell me, that they will take very good care of the pumpkin and it will live a long and happy life in their home. My normal response is, “That is wonderful and when you are tired of looking at it you can roast it up and eat it!” To my surprise this comment startles some customers, you would never dream of eating their dear pumpkin.

1 thought on “The Spirit of Autumn

  1. When I lived in Two Rock I grew enough pumpkins (only the good eating kinds) and winter squash for all the people who lived on the farm. Harvest was festive–as we’d fill the bed of the pickup truck with them. They always looked so wonderful–but even better was that I knew they’d all be eaten.

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